landandsun About C.A. Starfire

I've had a life-long interest in exploring the metaphysical and spiritual. I had my first near-death experience in early childhood and had many out of body experiences around the same time. I was introduced to Transcendental Meditation by my parents as a pre-teen, learnt alpha brainwave programming in my mid-teens, and started doing energy work, self-guided meditation, and visualisation in my late teens.

I began doing readings and guided visualisations for friends, family, and coworkers in my early 20s.

My maternal grandmother enjoyed saying, "You can call me anything, just don't call me late for dinner!", and I'll answer to Chris, Carys, Cats, and Starfire.

I've been housebound for several years now due to severe autoimmune illness, and I do miss getting out and about! But I'm still able to enjoy spending time with Paul and our cats, "seeing" my friends and family online, writing, reading, gardening (organically), herbalism, creating digital artwork, making StarCATS cat toys, knitting, felting, photography, cat-herding, and rainbow collecting.

I share a funny little cattycorner-shaped cottage on 20 acres in the Lorane Wine Valley with Paul and the cats. We share the acres with Dragon, our semi-feral garden guardian, and deer, wild turkeys, rabbits, hawks, owls, snakes, lizards, and many other sorts of wildlife. Our land is filled with Douglas firs, Oregon white oaks, apple trees, crab apple trees, grapes, medlars, blackberries, wild roses, and an abundance of herbs and wild plants.

After a lifetime of struggle, I was diagnosed with Autism in April 2014, and many pieces fell into place.
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I started writing in 2012 after feeling called to collect stories of people's metaphysical experiences. I've self-published two collections so far: Angelic Encounters  and Visits From Beyond. Both are available as ebooks.

In 2013 I wrote a YA novella Oak and Mirrors under the pen name Ceri Evans. It's set not far from our home, but I've yet to find any fae locally, more's the pity.
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