Alex: "Wow, just WOW. I got this reading as a gift and was apprehensive and skeptical about it, but the reading was amazing and covered so many things I've never talked to anybody about. It's given me a lot to think about and helped me a lot already."

Melanie: "I had an intuitive reading done by Starfire Studio. The reading was very thorough and thoughtful. A lot of questions were asked to ensure there was nothing left out, and the customer service and follow up was exceptional as well. I found the reading itself to be very thought-provoking and spent a great deal of time thinking about what was discovered and what it means to me. As a result, I am working diligently to incorporate some behaviour changes into my every day actions, which I believe will lead me to a healthier, happier existence. "

Mae: "I found your interpretation to be absolutely freakin' spot ON with the major themes going on in my life right now. Your reading has provided me with some really meaty food for thought and meditation this past week, and I thank you."

Andrea: "Starfire is the most talented intuitive and energy healer I have had the pleasure to work with. She's an old soul who has the knowledge of countless modalities, complemented by her gentle and compassionate spirit. She instinctively knows what methods are needed and communicates respectfully and thoroughly with her clients. She is very blessed in the gift of this sacred work and has a breathtaking command over the navigation of inner realities. When she worked with me, I had the delight of experiencing the presence of her spirit as a golden light, blazing at me like a sun. I'm very grateful for her gifts."

Katt: "The intuitive reading was amazing! You nailed several of the issues I was having with shielding and focus, and gave me food for thought about where my energy is going and what I'm doing with it. The suggestions for shielding and working were so very helpful! I've applied them over the last couple of weeks, and have gone back to your notes for meditation focus--great stuff. I respect your way of working, and found your methods helpful and supportive. Thanks again--Katt"